Christ College is Joining Pacific Life Bible College! September 2014 |

For decades, Pacific Life Bible College and Christ College have fulfilled their mission to educate and equip women and men for ministry leadership. They have equipped lay and pastoral leaders for the Church in Canada and around the world. Today, alumni from both colleges are pastors, church planters, worship leaders, lay leaders, children’s workers and more.

As of June 1, 2014, Christ College will cease to operate as a separate college.  Its students and some of its staff will be joining Pacific Life Bible College, which will enable Pacific Life Bible College to provide even more effective training for ministry beginning in September 2014.   While all of the details have not yet been finalized, it is anticipated that Christ College president Gerald Nussbaum will join Pacific Life Bible College in a senior administrative role.

For some time, Pacific Life Bible College and Christ College have shared a vision for equipping leaders for local churches and the body of Christ overall. They are philosophically and theologically aligned. They share similar theological roots and have a strong working relationship at the leadership level.

Christ College students will be welcomed into Pacific Life Bible College and enjoy a continuity of academic programs and expanded opportunities academically through a wider range of classes and instructors.

Through these arrangements, the people who have built and studied at both institutions will continue the Bible college legacy of theological training with an emphasis on personal spirituality, practical ministry skills, service and evangelism. Bringing together faculty, staff, facilities and resources at Pacific Life Bible College will create a synergy that will make the mission stronger and better. The shared vision to equip leaders for the Kingdom will be significantly expanded.

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